• Groam uses a patented foaming technology to produce bio-based foams for fast disposables.

  • Locally sourced fruit and cereal waste are used to make pellets for foaming.

  • Our vision is to replace hundreds of millions of polystyrene containers and packaging material preventing harmful plastic land-fill.


Introducing the team

We are a team of two: Zuzana Sediva and Sophie Grimm motivated to revolutionize the foam industry. Inspired by food engineering we are using a proprietary foaming technology to foam agricultural waste materials like fruit and cereal. We met at the ETH university in Zurich and are now on a mission to scale our idea creating new markets for bio-based polymer foams. We are always excited to explore new foaming machinery, novel materials, sustainability trends and meeting people while at it!

Our story: Zuzana developed a new foaming technology for food products such as ice cream during her PhD at ETH University in Zurich. After her doctorate in 2019, Zuzana kept wondering how to stay close to food and foaming while really making a difference. She joined an EIT entrepreneurial course based in Madrid, Lausanne, San Francisco and Lisbon visiting some of the worlds most famous hubs. During that time, the idea of foaming food waste was born. Zuzana was awarded a Pioneer Fellowship, allowing her to focus on her idea and technology transfer. In 2020, Sophie Grimm, expert in materials and food processing joined Zuzana after her finishing her masters degree. Together they set off on a mission to produce fast disposable foams. Groam was awarded a Bridge Proof of Concept grant to further develop the product. Today, Groam continues to work hard to address grand challenges in the agro-food waste sector and polymer foam waste.

Our expertise

We provide bio-based and biodegradable foam solutions for fast disposables. For that we develop proprietary material formulations based on agricultural waste streams and combine them with our patented environmentally friendly foaming technology.

Our materials and technology are compatible with existing foaming equipment such as extrusion. We have expertise in technology design, optimization and scale up.

Products from our foam


Our first product is a foam based on agricultural waste for plant substrates. We see especially high potential for plugs used in hydroponic farming.


Picture: Pixabay

In the future, we plan to expand to biodegradable protective packaging for e-commerce.


Picture: Unsplash

Our long-term goal is to develop even more durable foams for the fashion industry.


ETH is our hosting and supporting organization.

Groam recieves the SI TECH4IMPACT grant.

Project Kick-off. First seed funding of 150k CHF.

Bridge Proof-of-Concept grant of 130k CHF.

Finalist in the NTN Innno Booster Applied Circular Sustainibility.

Groam participates in the Circular Economy Transition 2021/22 Incubator.

Groam takes part in the Mass Challenge accelerator program.

Groam is in the Venture Kick stage II competition.

Groam takes part in EIT Teamup accelerator.


We'd love to hear from you!

Whether you are a potential partner, are in the food waste stream sector or just interested in our technology, don't hesitate to contact us.

+41 44 632 23 68
Schmelzbergstrasse, 98092 Zürich